Elevate your daily coffee or tea rituals with one of our unique and empowering vagina-print mugs.

Whether you're looking for a fun conversation starter, or a subtle way to show off your body positivity, our selection has something for everyone.

Each mug is designed to showcase the beauty of the female form and comes in different colors and designs.

Not only are our mugs functional and practical, but they also make a bold statement about embracing and celebrating the female body.

A perfect gift for yourself, your partner, your friends or even an open-minded colleague. Show your love and appreciation for the female form one sip at a time. Add a touch of personality to your home or office, and start your day off feeling empowered and confident.

Don't wait, browse our collection today and find the perfect vagina mug for you!


Real. Fun. Sips!

Everyone deserves to smile every day. Every. Single. Day. Why? Because life should be enjoyed

Vagina Mugs is all about making people smile with candid, artistic, and comical vagina-loving designs that dress up an otherwise mundane everyday object.

Share the love, laughs, or curiosity one sip at a time with Vagina Mugs.


Vagina Mugs Blog

Our blog covers everything to do with earlobes. Ha! Just kidding. Vaginas. We talk about vaginas.

Physical health, sexual health as well as perspectives on what it's like to have a vagina. Plus heaps more!

Kick back and enjoy reading our Vagina Mugs blog.

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