Let's be real. Our vagina mugs aren't going to solve world hunger or climate change. In fact, they're probably not going to change the world in any big way. But what they do, do (not to be read as doh-doh) is make people smile. Or laugh. Smirk. Maybe even - dare we say - feel excited.

Our vagina mugs start conversations.
They break the ice between partners who haven't spoken for a few days after fighting about something stupid. They start uproars of laughter between friends when gifted, and unboxed.
They can even invite frisky activities when used as a sign between lovers when one from a pair is 'in the mood'.

And let's face it - out of all the sh*t people spend money on (nights out partying that they can't entirely remember OR expensive gifts for an ex) this is something that will always get used. It rates as more useful than a book on how to read, and less useful than clean underwear. (Note: this is not a sponsored post for underwear.... or clean underwear.)

Browse our collection and find what you like.

Our vagina mugs may not be winning us a Nobel Peace prize, but they make people happy, and that's good enough for us.

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Just another mug, eh? WRONG! We don't do basic b*tch mugs here at Vagina Mugs. Quirky, literal, confronting, sexy, artistic and funny? Yes. Absolutely. But basic? Never.


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