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Mugshot Too

Mugshot Too

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Our Mugshot Too mug is a cousin of our original Mugshot design. Like it's cousin this is designed to be like those movies where you're in trouble with the police, and are being processed and this is the main photo taken before your left, then right, profile shots are taken. Except in this case, it's your vagina that's being arrested. Unlike it's cousin, this design has a key focus on the "key graphic" that stands out against the bare white background of the mug itself.

Our Mugshot Too mug design offers a pop of vibrance with different interior and handle colours to the mug's design. 4 different colours - red, black, blue and pink. The eye-catching interior and handle colours stand out against the mug's.... vagina mug.... shot. Lol. (We find ourselves VERY funny.)

And remember, please handwash only to keep the design vibrant, for longer.

Height, cm 9.70
Diameter, cm 8.20


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